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Energy Care

As at the 1st April 2002 all window installations have to comply with the Building Regulations 2000 and are enforceable by "Fensa" or your local authority Building Control office.

One of the main implications refers to glass and heat retention, which are aimed at reducing global warming in line with Government targets.

Single glazing or traditional normal double-glazing or even triple glazing will no longer comply with the regulations.

Glazing will have to meet very strict guidelines. The total window will have to have a heat retention 'U' Value of 2.0 or less. This means that a coated energy glass will have to be used in all installations. The most popular of these glasses in the United Kingdom is called Pilkington 'K' glass, and you may already have heard of this product.

From October 2010 all Windows will be Energry Rated A - F only Energy Rated Windows of C and above will be allowed to be fitted in Domestic Residential Properties. Visit their website:

As a FENSA registered company we have a legal requirement to ensure that the products fitted into your home conform to the required FENSA Regulations or to submit a Building Regulation Notice on your behalf.

These regulations cover:

  1. The insulation qualities of the windows and doors
  2. Ventilation of the windows and doors
  3. Fire escape windows
Once the installation is complete and paid for the following documentation will be issued, which should be kept safe.
  1. The Banbury Guarantee

  1. This will now be backed up by an insurance policy which will be issued directly from the insurance company (customers should allow eight weeks from payment for the receipt of the certificate)

  2. Should you sell your house the guarantee is transferable for a one off fee of £46.00 plus 0.6% of the contract value (i.e. £6.00 per £1000.,00), this will be subject to increase in line with inflation.
         2.  When payment is received the contract is deemed as complete and your details will be submitted to              FENSA, a certificate will be sent direct to you within eight weeks of the notification.

  1. FENSA may contact you to carry our an independent inspection to check that the self certification has been carried out correctly.

Note: FENSA do not check or advise on the quality of products or the installation workmanship. If you DO NOT have a FENSA CERTIFICATE or BUILDING REGULATION INSPECTION CERTIFICATE serious problems may arise when selling your property. Fensa regulations provide that customers must be offered deposit protection and insurance backed Guarantee. Banbury automatically give this cover at NO COST to ALL it's customers.

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